Migrating from McMyAdmin 2

Your McMyAdmin 2 Pro Licence

Existing McMyAdmin 2 Pro customers can use their existing licence key with AMP to create Minecraft servers and do not need to purchase a separate AMP licence. For this you use the 'McMyAdmin' module. The 'McMyAdmin' and 'Minecraft' modules are identical with the sole exception of what licence types they use.

McMyAdmin 2 licences only allow AMP to create 'McMyAdmin' instances for managing Minecraft servers. A full AMP licence is required to manage other server types.

Where is McMyAdmin 3?

"McMyAdmin 3" is the name given to AMP when it's running the McMyAdmin module with an McMyAdmin 2 key. It's not a seprate product, nor does it include anything that's not in the standard Minecraft module in AMP.

Moving from McMyAdmin 2 to AMP/McMyAdmin 3

AMP is managed differently from McMyAdmin 2 and there are a few changes in how it's initially set up. The main differences are as follows:

Like McMyAdmin, AMP when running Minecraft has a Minecraft directory in its datastore. So for the most part you can simply copy over this directory once you've finished setting up a new AMP instance to replace a McMyAdmin 2 one.