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AMP Beta 'Dione' Release Notes

Release 1370 mostly includes minor game-specific fixes and QOL improvements.


  • Added a flag to processes started by AMP to specify they contain sensitive command line arguments (such as authentication details for SteamCMD) so that they are not logged.
  • Fixed the scheduler time boxes not behaving right on Firefox.
  • Fixed the scheduler losing certain event data due to incorrect (de)serialization.

ARMA 3 Module

  • Added a 'CustomOpts' field to the config file to allow extra arguments to be passed to the server on startup.

Instance Manager (Plugin)

  • Linux users now respect the target users home directory (from /etc/passwd) when creating instances.

SteamCMD Plugin

  • Fixed logging in when usernames or passwords contain control characters.


  • Fixed startup on Windows
  • Updated configuration handling to > 1.0 standard.


  • Minor protocol related fixes


  • Very early and dumb copy+paste support.

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