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AMP Beta 'Dione' Release Notes

This release includes support for Minecraft Pocket Edition / Windows 10 Edition, as well as some quality-of-life improvements, including some tweaks for legacy Minecraft server (pre-1.7)


  • Support for more friendly error messages that can include links to help topics when appropriate.
  • Fixed an issue where IP Address selection sources cause AMP to crash if the system has the same IP address used twice on two different network interfaces (Only normally seen in OpenVZ setups)
  • Session management no longer shows dead/redundant sessions that were never used for logins.
  • Upgraded the web server component to its latest version. Hopefully addresses CPU usage issues when lots of sessions are created.
  • Upgraded all used libraries to their latest version.
  • New garbage collector under Linux.
  • Fixed an 'invalid characters in path' issue when the system's PATH environment variable contains illegal path characters. This is an environment fault but AMP can now cope with it.


  • Added support for Minecraft Pocket Edition / Windows 10 Edition! This will have a few bugs (mostly around console handling) but it basically works.
  • Fixed support for Tekkit.
  • Added support for other generic pre-1.7 mods.
  • Tries to identify situations that cases invalid paths and provide the user with more information on the issue.
  • Fixed a bug where failing to get users data could prevent the module from starting.
  • Fixed a bug where if no Forge version is promoted as 'latest' then none of the version information is updated.


  • Fixed the plugin not being loaded correctly.

Known Issues

  • Spurious "Get help for this issue" links where no help link is available.
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