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AMP Beta 'Dione' Release Notes

AMP 1340 is primarily a bugfix release to address regressions in 1330. It also finally fixes startup issues in ADS under Linux.


  • Addressed an issue with the logger that could cause it to fail on certain types of terminal when trying to change colors.
  • Started adding the ability for AMP instances to update themselves (not exposed yet)
  • Issue with triggers not showing in the scheduler (1330 regression) have been fixed.
  • Client-side data-binding errors are now shown for debugging purposes.


  • Errors are now properly logged if AMP can't write to the Minecraft server config file for any reason.


  • Added extra configuration variables to the UI (Description, Header Image, World Size, Save Interval, PVE)
  • Added a 'custom arguments' setting to the config file (not UI visible) to allow arbitrary custom arguments to the Rust server.


  • Finally completely fixed starting up instances from within ADS when ADS was started via the IM.
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