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AMP Beta 'Dione' Release Notes

AMP introduces a new dependency under Linux - 'tmux' is now required to start instances.

This is primarily a bugfix release, most notably fixing srcds instances under Linux.

Instance Manager (Plugin)

  • Multiple startup modes are now supported to allow the host application to specify how instances are started (screen/tmux/nohup)
  • Changed the 'minimum kernel version' from 3.2 to 2.6

Instance Manager (CLI)

  • Instance listings now show which module is being used.


  • The scheduler UI has been rewritten to be data-driven. This will allow for editing tasks more easily in the future.
  • Fixed a bug where the names of scheduled tasks are sometimes lost caused by ID mismatches.
  • All upstream libraries have been updated to newer versions. This includes many webserver performance and crash fixes.


  • Fixed a bug where selecting a goldsrc based server in the list then a source engine based server would cause servers to not start until AMP was restarted.
  • Fixed a null reference exception in the UDP logger when starting instances.
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