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AMP Beta 'Dione' Release Notes

Dione is almost entirely a bugfix release with only a couple of minor new features.


  • Switched to new CubeCoders signing certificates.
  • Changed the certificate verification to not care if a certificate has expired so long as it belonged to Cubecoders (ensures that AMP won't fail again if we don't release an update before the cert expires)
  • Settings can now have multiple inline-actions instead of just one.
  • Yet again tried to fix a duplicate node issue in GetSettingsSpec()
  • Added a -noscheduler command-line flag to not run timed events in the scheduler (event triggers still function)
  • Made sure that a clean shutdown is always attempted on a 'normal' exit.


  • Updated the URL for fetching force updates (again), allowing forge to be updated once more.
  • Addressed a crash if the plugin downloader encounters a bad zip file (corrupted, failed download, etc)
  • Re-tidied-up the settings page so it only shows settings relevant to the current server type.


  • Addressed an issue with the UDP logger not being able to start up when no suitable non-loopback IP could be found (commonly caused by OpenVZ setups), and added a fallback to try and use a loopback IP if possible.
  • Added the option to change the sv_pure setting (server purity)
  • Support for reading the Graphs maplist (ain files) to add to the map options list.
  • Compressed maps (.bz2) now show up in the map list.

ADS Module

  • Address starting of instances under Linux when ADS itself is started via the IM instead of directly.

RUST Module

  • Fixed the server name not being set properly.
  • Fixed RCON not connecting on new versions.

ARMA 3 Module

  • Support for the command line option to specify a mod on load.

EMail Plugin

  • Fixed not being able to set an SMTP password due to an invalid field type.

Space Engineers Module

  • Fixed an incorrect scenario type preventing servers from starting.
  • Removed 'Ignore last session' from startup arguments.

Windows Instance Manager

  • Temporarily disabled user isolation functionality as it doesn't seem to work consistently for all users and prevents services being created. It will be re-enabled later.
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