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AMP Beta 'Dione' Release Notes

AMP Beta 'Dione' is the next major AMP release, primarily including some low-level system management and security measures to make AMP suitable for use in hosting environments.

This is a major update, as such it is strongly recommended that all instances are backed-up and recreated from scratch if possible, and that the instance manager is updated to the latest version.


  • Now supports developer licences to allow unsigned plugins to be loaded. Initially developer licences will be handed out on an individual basis, but will soon be made available for purchase by the general public.
  • Exception stack traces are now shown in the browser UI to aid in debugging.
  • The settings UI has been rewritten to be data-bound. It mostly looks the same but should perform better.
  • Checkboxes (Swipeboxes) in the settings UI are now inline with their description to save space.
  • Combo boxes are now full-width.
  • Fixed a caching issue that caused settings to appear to be lost on a refresh (they weren't actually being lost and would show up again if AMP was restarted).
  • Updating a setting shows a 'waiting' spinner until confirmation of the new setting has been received.
  • Settings can now show inline quick-access buttons.
  • Improved setting cache refresh performance.
  • Submenus no longer overlap the 'user' menu in the top left and it is now always accessible.

Linux Instance Manager

  • Experimental: The instance manager can now be run as 'root', it's no longer required to create an extra user to use the instance manager. It's still recommended you do until this has proven to work reliably.
  • Experimental: Automatically creates a restricted-permission System user for new services when instances are created (and removes when the instance is removed) - Only applies when the Instance manager is running as root - otherwise the instances are created using the current system user. This feature has not been fully tested and may not yet be reliable.
  • Added --prerelease flag to fetch AMP pre-release versions (when available)

Windows Service Handler

  • Automatically creates a restricted-permission Windows user to run the service when created and destroyed.
  • Automatically creates/removes Firewall rules when created and destroyed.

ADS Module / Instance Manager Plugin

  • Fixed module-specific configuration not being available due to an incorrect path. Also corrects a lot of setting-related faults in deployed instances.

Minecraft Module

  • Writes the current server compatibility mode to the console to aid in diagnostics.
  • Added support for the "BIOMESOP" world type for Biomes O' Plenty users.
  • Removed '[AutoSelect]' from the worlds listing, causing a literal directory to be created called '[AutoSelect]'.
  • Added a button to re-scan the list of available server Jar files.
  • Fixed Spigot/Craftbukkit not building under Windows (missing quotes in bash argument)
  • The UI for the plugin installer has been refined to accommodate global style changes, making the search boxes easier to see again.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to unzip a corrupted/incomplete download.


  • Fixed servers not being recognised as being in the 'running' state due to a log format change.

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