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AMP Beta 'Tethys' Release Notes

AMP primarily addresses bugs in the Minecraft module and the Win32 service handler.


  • Added the ability for setting descriptions to include hyperlinks.

AMP Instance Manager / ADS (Linux)

  • AMP instances and their associated game server are ended gracefully instead of killed. You can trigger this outside of AIM/ADS by sending a SIGUSR1 to the AMP process.


  • Fixed a potential infinite loop if an update fails after hitting 'start'.
  • Added a "Restart if empty" schedulable task.
  • Updated the 'kill' button to use the player name instead of their UUID.
  • Addressed thread-spinning issues by swapping out callbacks for tasks.
  • Added 'Craftbukkit' to the list of server types that can be automatically installed (via Spigot Buildtools)
  • Installing FTB on Windows is more reliable and no longer results in AMP having to change its working directory.


  • Addressed RCON not connecting if the server takes too long to start. Requires the VAC is enabled.
  • Added the ability to specify a GSLT token for servers that require it (Like CS GO)

AMP Service Handler (Windows)

  • When using the -createUser flag, the created user is spawned with restricted permissions to disallow login and only be able to run services.
  • Fixed services created with -createUser having the wrong authentication details.
  • Fixed a bug where the service may fail to uninstall properly.
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