Product updates and news

AMP Beta 'Enceladus' Release Notes

Enceladus is our next major AMP update with major new functionality, mainly in the form of the ADS module which allows AMP services to be created via the web API on machines that have it installed.

We've released Enceladus early to allow hosts to start working the the ADS API, and to let users take advantage of the long list of bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements. The UI for ADS is very much incomplete at this time.


Backups and Archive formats. Introducing our new file format especially for server backups.

The backup system in McMyAdmin 2 is based on Zip files. Inside the Zip file itself there's a manifest that tells MCMA2 what's specifically inside it (in the way of plugins, worlds, etc). We did this because we wanted to try and keep the backups contained in a single file instead of having a Zip with then an external file describing its contents.


Developer Licences - We need your feedback!

As AMPs internal API starts settling down and we stop making sweeping changes, we're starting to look at how we're going to let the community start developing their own plugins and modules for AMP so they can start to customize it and tailor it to their needs.


AMP Beta 'Mimas' Release Notes

Release addresses some under-the-hood issues to start getting some of the core in a suitable shape to handle the deployment server as part of the next release codename 'Enceladus'.

The version of AMP that these release notes belong to has not yet been released.