Product updates and news

AMP Beta 'Mimas' Release Notes

Mimas finally fixes Linux users having a hard time getting certain modules up and running, and adds a number of host improvements to the Minecraft module, along with some instance manager fixes.


AMP Beta 'Mimas' Release Notes has a number of tweaks and fixes spanning various parts of AMP, with a focus on some of the API mechanisms to start moving forward with MultiAMP.


AMP Professional to get McMyAdmin Enterprise features.

We're pleased to announce that AMP Professional will be getting features previously exclusive to the Enterprise edition of our previous software, McMyAdmin.


AMP Beta 'Mimas' Release Notes includes the fix for the 'heisenbug' mentioned in the previous blog post, allowing srcds, rust and other SteamCMD dependent modules to run reliably. There's also a handful of other minor fixes and updates to some plugins.

This is a pretty small update for the amount of time that has passed, largely due to the amount of time spent hunting down the issue with SteamCMD that proved so illusive.


On chasing heisenbugs.

Heisenbug (noun) - software bug that seems to disappear or alter its behavior when one attempts to study it.

Those of you who have been using AMP for a while may have noticed that the last couple of releases have had a bug that hasn't disappeared, and a nasty one. Any AMP modules that rely on the SteamCMD Plugin to run simply wouldn't start, giving completely unhelpful exceptions in the console.


McMyAdmin 2 to AMP/MCMA3 Migration Guide

AMP version allows the use of McMyAdmin licences for the Minecraft module. For all practical purposes this can be treated McMyAdmin 3 minus the branding. All the information in this guide will be applicable for the branded version of McMyAdmin 3 further down the line.

Please be aware that this is an in-progress guide and may change periodically along with changes in AMP/MCMA3.