Terms of Sale

What is being purchased

For all licence types

You are not buying a copy of the AMP software in of itself, nor are you purchasing a physical item. You are purchasing a licence that permits you to use the AMP software within certain conditions.

If you already own an AMP licence and then purchase another one of the same type, you will not be issued an extra key. Instead the limit on the existing key will be increased. This will be reflected in the email you receive and in the licence manager.

If you are purchasing Professional Edition

The sale is of a licence along with a licence key to use AMP Professional Edition. Each licence purchase permits you to run 3 simultaneous AMP installations, but the specific location of the installations does not matter. You may use 1 licence on 1 physical machine and 2 on another, or any other arrangement. If you wish to run more than 3 AMP instances simultaneously, you will need to purchase extra licences. E.g. 9 AMP instances requires 3 Pro licences.

If you are purchasing Network Edition

The sale is of a licence along with a licence key to use AMP Network Edition Standard (NES), or Network Edition Premium (NEP). A Network Edition licence permits up to 50 simultaneous AMP installations for use within a single, named network of servers. The installations may be either on the same machine or on multiple machines. Network licences may not be used to act in a manner similar to a server host even if the servers are not being charged for, for example you shouldn't use a network licence to create a public server for a friend who then administers it themselves however a private server for use by a limited group of friends is acceptable. Users of Network Edition Premium can request to raise the 50 server limit by contacting CubeCoders limited, who will raise it at their discretion depending on your particular usage scenario. Continued usage of Network Edition Premium is contingent on its associated subscription remaining active and paid on-time.

Network Edition licences may not be used for commercial usage or to act as a free server host. We periodically audit the usage of NE licences and you may be required to account for your activations.

Licence usage

AMP Professional and Network Edition licences are for non-commercial, personal use by an individual or organisation.

AMP licences may not be resold, loaned, transferred or otherwise made available to another person or organisation without the express written permission of CubeCoders Limited. You may not sell or supply servers or services to other persons with AMP pre-installed without a commercial usage agreement.

You are required to keep your AMP licence key(s) private and not available to anybody except the registered licence holder. Should you become aware that your licence may have been exposed or otherwise compromised, you are required to inform CubeCoders Limited immediately so that appropriate action can be taken.

Licences held by private individuals are not transferable.

CubeCoders collects certain data about AMPs usage to ensure compliance with licence terms. For more information about the information we collect and how it's used, see our Privacy Policy.

Refunds and exchanges

AMP is currently beta software. Users should expect that there may occasionally be bugs or issues that affect the softwares function or performance. CubeCoders frequently updates the software with fixes and improvements in response to user input.

Refunds and exchanges are issued at the sole discretion of CubeCoders Limited. There is no fixed policy on when refunds or exchanges are issued and each request is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but refunds are generally not permitted except for exceptional circumstances.

Refund requests resulting from technical issues (including features not yet developed) using the software will generally not be accepted unless absolutely all avenues of support have been exhausted. Technical support is freely available to all users, as such if you experience any issues with the software we will always attempt to address any issue(s) first before taking any further action.

AMP is digitally delivered the instant the payment is received for instant consumption, and as such is exempt from EU distance selling regulations. Once you use your licence key, you waive your right to the 14 day cooling-off period.

Payment Disputes

You are required to contact us before making any kind of payment dispute. If there is a legitimate issue, we're happy to resolve it.

Requests made for refunds by way of making a payment dispute will always be refused. If you wish to request one for any reason (such as a billing error, accidental purchase, etc) you must contact us first.

Raising a payment dispute via a payment provider (Such as Paypal) or via a credit card chargeback will automatically and immediately disable any and all licences for CubeCoders products that you own, and will only be re-enabled at CubeCoders discretion.

Raising disputes may also place your account in poor standing, which may limit the types of products or services you may purchase from us. Raising chargebacks that are then completed will place your account in bad standing and may prevent you from purchasing any further products or services from CubeCoders.

Revocation of licence

If an issued licence key is used in a manner other than prescribed in this agreement, CubeCoders Limited may revoke and disable all licences owned by the customer without notice.

In the event of a payment dispute such as a chargeback or reversal, CubeCoders Limited may revoke and disable the licence along with any other licences owned by the same person or organisation.

Licences may be canceled in the event that incorrect details are provided by a customer when making a purchase, such as an invalid name or postal address. In such a case users will be given the opportunity to correct their details before any action is taken.

Last Updated: 2017/12/27