Buy AMP Network Edition

AMP Network Edition allows you to licence large numbers of game servers for use with AMP without the cost of buying Pro or Enterprise licences.

Unlike Enterprises licences, Network licences do not allow you to sell servers running AMP. Additionally you may not allow friends or family to create their own servers using your licence, you may only use the licences as part of a named server network.

If you require licencing for commercial use (selling servers with AMP preinstalled or otherwise AMP-powered servers) an Enterprise licence is required, which is not available at this time for AMP.

AMP is still in public beta. Please bare this in mind when ordering.

There are two options to chose from:

Network Edition Standard

  • One-time fee of £50 GBP £25 GBP - 50% off!
  • Run up to 50 Game server instances
  • Includes a developer licence and deployment API access
  • Support via the support board

Network Edition Premium

  • Subscription of £15 GBP/month
  • Unlimited game server instances
  • Includes unlimited developer licences
  • Priority 1:1 email support (UK working hours)

Please be aware that usage of Network licences is periodically audited and you may be requested to account for your usage to ensure the licence is being used within the terms and not used for private servers for friends and family (even if they're not being charged for).

As with Pro, your licence key will be delivered to the email address currently on your Paypal account when you order. Please check the email address on your Paypal account before ordering.

Important Notice - Payment Disputes

Network Edition includes higher priority support than AMP Professional. If you have any technical issues you can reach us either via the email address on the front page or at the support board

We've had an increase in users misusing Paypal disputes for minor technical issues that can be quickly and easily solved. Be aware that creating a dispute immediately disables your licence. Please contact us first if you have any kind of issue. We will always prompty provide assistance.

Same as AMP Professional, you are paying for pre-release software that is still under development.

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